Monday, August 18, 2008

Since when are fruits so bad?

I'm getting tired of people knocking down fruits as if there was something wrong with a banana or an apple. I just don't get it. I notice this more from people who are struggling with their diet or trying to lose weight. I hear things like "Oh, I can't eat fruits, I'll gain weight". What?! You don't have a problem with fat-free processed cheese or drinking cow's breastmilk or eating a "light" meal at McD's but heaven-forbid you eat a mango or a banana. Luscious fruits and vegetables have existed before mankind, before the invention of sliced bread and fat-free this and that. Why is there something unnatural about natural foods and something natural about processed, naturally unnatural food (usually with ingredients you can't even pronounce let alone understand)? Eat your fruits separately and alone (unless with other fruits or certain greens). Eat them in abundance and ease up on the processed crap or better yet, eliminate it. You will start to understand that fruits are best for your body.

The next time someone tells me, "Ooh, I can't eat this apple or grapes. It'll make me gain weight. Fruits aren't good me", I'll just turn to him/her and say, "So what you're telling me is that God made a mistake when creating fruits and veggies? Instead, Kraft and Maple Leaf foods got it right?"

This is my short rant.

Monday, August 11, 2008

No bones, No blood Inna Mi Kitchen

I stumbled upon this video and the singer makes a small reference to raw vegans! It is sung in Jamaican patois (a dialect). It's an ode to vegetarianism. The song is called "No bones, No blood" by Jah Sun feat. Ras Attitude and Lutan Fyah. Enjoy!

Here are the lyrics! Thanks to Loan.

No bones no blood inna mi kitchen
We nah go mix up in a dem vampire livin'
No bones no blood inna mi kitchen
I say Rastafari you're my greatest ambition
No bones no blood inna mi kitchen
Me synchronized with the most high's vision
No bones no blood inna mi kitchen
Please let the animal keep livin'

Mi see sey nuff a dem
No show no respect for life
Run! Here comes the butcher man
And he coming with his knife
More pain and more death
A pure murder
Life dem take fi dem steak and hamburger
Mi rather plant some seed in a di mud
Than to tear thru some flesh and go guzzle blood
Carnivore, stop fighting it, stop fighting it
Eh, give ital life a try
You just might gain some enlightenment
A this the one for love all of my vegetarians
Raw fooders and vegans and all the breathetarians
Yo, cuz I n I nah put no dead in a we temple
True humbleness we have fi live simple
To put some food upon the plate
Mi no need no hook, mi nah need no bait
I n I the roots mi food me nah fi shoot
A give me vegetable and some fruits, mi go so..


Dem a wonder why the rasta never age
Dem no stop from look up in a dem health book page
Vegetarians will aways live
Cuz everything we eat always positive
And everything we drink it never yet negative
You are what you eat
That's why you walk like pig
You are what you eat that's why you [snort] like a pig
You treat your body wrong your own a grave you dig
Yo don't panic, cuz i'm organic
Pure soy soup in a mi kitchen, yes mi got it
Yo don't panic, cuz i'm organic
Lentil peas in a mi soup, mi got it
Yo don't panic, cuz i'm organic
Vegan life mi live and nun a dem can stop it
Calabash, okra and squash yes mi got it
Ready fi go boil it and stop it!


Tell 'em natural herbs have fi we dinner
Ital is vital in a di pot dat we cookin'
Natural herbs have fi we dinner
Tell 'em no bones, no flesh
Yes, natural herbs have fi we dinner
Ital is vital in a di pot dat we cookin'
Natural herbs have fi we dinner
We gots some man a lutan Fyah
Tell 'em roots, strongback and sarsaparilla
Fruit, orange, mango and guava
Vegetable salad with peanut and cashew
With some clean drinking water
I got a bucket full of herbs
And some strong marijuana
Yes, you know that i'm a farmer
Eh, the food that i eat is my medicine
Tell you man, a real bush doctor
Cleanse dem wit garlic and bitters
I nah go jump pon rome filthy lickers
Go till the marijuana, mek mi slippers
No pork chops in a mi fritters


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I Heart Music

I am obsessed with music. I studied classical piano for over 20 years and I play other instruments as well. When I was younger I wanted to be a concert pianist but then changed my mind for reasons too long to explain. Lately I've been missing my piano. It's at my mother's house and I have no room for it in my small apartment. I only go there to play when I teach piano lessons. When I lived at home, I used to wake up in the middle of the night and compose songs. It was wonderful. It didn't bother my parents but it drove my younger sister crazy. I could write 3 songs a week. Now, pfft!

I have a guitar and some drums at home but it doesn't compare to my first instrument, the piano. I'm considering renting a keyboard for a couple of months. I think it will help me bring back my creativity again. Music helped me with my depression when I was younger. The piano especially. Last year I stopped playing the piano at my church (for personal reasons) and I still haven't gotten over it. It makes me very sad. I need music. It's my drug of choice (smile). I love all genres (classical, rock, reggae, heavy metal, jazz, blues, world music, techno, rap, pop, contemporary, zouk, soukouss, etc..with the exception of country but it is slowly growing on me thanks to the Dixie Chicks :).

I love it when groups from one genre create a unique version of a cover song like Alien Ant Farm's version of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal or this one, The Final Countdown covered by Melo-M. It rocks. I love how the young men just rock out on the cello. I want to teach my son to have that kind of passion, to not worry about others around him. To respond with gusto. What a way to love life. Hey, it's never too late for me. Hahaha. Man, I miss my piano.

There is just something sexy about the cello. I love the low, seductive sound. It's a little melancholic but beautiful.