Monday, March 31, 2008

Mango Pie

Yesterday evening I had so much fun with my friends and family. Hubs made a Spanish paella that looked fantastic. The guests devoured it. I enjoyed my salad of cucumbers and cabbage. I wasn't that hunger in the evening. I tend to graze during the day. Naturally my guests were wondering why I wasn't eating the paella and I explained about my diet. They were curious and understanding. The wife commented that one would certainly lose a lot of weight. I've dealt with a variety of attitudes about the raw food diet. Theirs was great even though I could tell they weren't interested (at least for now) to live on a raw food diet.

Dessert was a smash! They loved my mango pie and I did too. Hubs went crazy over it. So much so that I thought we were going to have baby #3. It was fantastic and so Über easy to make. I used ataulfo mangoes which are my favourite. These type of mangoes create a more richer and naturally sweeter filling.

Tonight, I will meet with a professional track & field coach about jumpstarting my training. This should help with my pelvic recovery. I am really excited about it and hope that he isn't too expensive. I really need to balance my budget and work within my means if I ever hope to accomplish my financial and personal goals.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Yesterday, I made my husband's favourite Indian dish: okra with tomatoes, onions in a non-dairy sauce served with chappatis. For the first time I was quite tempted to eat the okra. I will try to make the same version raw. Onions are pretty strong raw so I'm looking for a marinade that won't change the overall taste of the recipe and keep the flavour of the onions mild.

My hubs made a strawberry batido (Cuban milkshake) and so I made my own with mangoes, strawberries and some parsley. I thought mine was fantastic! I wouldn't say it was a green smoothie but the hint of parsley made it taste nice. Lately I've been obsessed with mangoes. I need to make sure I balance it out with enough greens.

Tomorrow, I'm having company over to see my newborn. My husband wants to do the cooking for the guests. Even though he is a vegetarian (with the occasional desire to eat some fish), he hasn't embraced raw veganism. He does support me though and that's very important to me.
I'll make sure I have a salad so that I may enjoy it and I'll be making a raw dessert...something with mangoes. Mmm... I'll post the pics tomorrow.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Returned to Running

Last night I decided to return to running. It's been a long time and I miss it so. I figured that I could take it slow. I wouldn't say that the pelvic injury is 100% healed rather 85%. I still feel some soreness at times. I pulled out all my running gear. Santiago and Ernesto were fed and rested, hanging out with papa.

Well as soon as a I stepped on the concrete and began to run, I felt pain. WoW! I'm not ready to run yet. It felt as if something was pressing down on my pelvic bone everytime I took a step. It was a premature move. I ended up walking instead. I realized while walking that I still walk like a penguin a bit. Until my gait is back to normal and balanced, I can't be running.

Nonetheless, I am very pleased with the progress. Seven weeks ago I couldn't even move my legs and get out of bed. Now I'm quite mobile.

I celebrated my accomplishments with a tasty raw concoction of mango, strawberries, an orange and dates all blended. It was delicious.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Having fun with raw foods

I had participated in a Frederic Patenaude contest a year or so ago. The contest was to create a visually enticing raw dish. I came in second place. I don't remember what the prize was because I don't think I claimed it or received it. Hahaha.

Button mushroom body, cranberry eyes, grape nose and cucumber legs

Green grapes, canteloupe body, red grape eyes, strawberry body

Daikon car, cucumber wheels, cranberry hubcabs, not sure what the head is but the hat is a button mushroom

A lady
Daikon head, cranberry eyes, cucumber mouth, orange torso, dragon fruit skirt

Today was a great day. My eldest son who is 3 years old behaved very well today. Lately he has been acting out with temper tantrums and disobedience. I know it has to do with the terrible twos (which started late for him) and having another member of the family. It's been very trying for me but I have the wonderful support of my sweetheart.

A few days ago I had made some sweet plantain chips. They were delicious and sweet. I have to watch my love of raw sweets. I'll just make these once in awhile. I have such a hectic schedule that I need to make simple quick raw foods. I do love my crackers so I make those on the weekends, enough to last a month.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Feeling the difference

I feel the changes again with my body being slowly restored to its natural form. My body is detoxing and honestly, it feels great. The healing is wonderful even though I've been running to the bathroom after every bite of food. I have been eating mainly raw smoothies in the morning and a sunflower/almond pâté at lunch and a juice or water with lemon in the evening.

It's quite a challenge raising a toddler and a newborn while maintaining a decent household. I find I'm making two kinds of food: raw for myself and cooked vegan for the rest of the family. One thing that is wonderful is that I have the support of my sweetheart. He started out as a hardcore carnivore but I guess I influenced him with my juices and smoothies. He supports a vegetarian diet but not ready to take the plunge into raw. It's nice now to see the fridge completely filled with vegetables and fruits.

I started yoga again but couldn't complete all the poses as I still have soreness in the muscle and pelvic bone area. When I twist, the pain is there. In time this will pass. Tomorrow, I'm going to include running again, but I will be taking it verrrry slow.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Back after a 2 year absence

Wow! I can't believe it has been 2 years since I last used my to me. I am back and dedicated. So much has happened. I have another baby boy, mi querido Santiago. I was off the rawfood wagon during my pregnancy (boo to me again). I had a rough pregnancy, which I believe had to do with my awful SAD diet. My delivery resulted in a pelvic injury and I was unable to walk. I was in the hospital for one week. Recovery has been faster than expected. I no longer need a walker and I can carry my son and walk at the same time. I have eliminated animal products (with the exception of raw honey) and I feel so much better. During my pregnancy I had a lot of mucus and I kept getting colds. No more colds and mucus now that I have brushed up on my diet. Now I need to release the pounds I had packed on. This was worse than the first time around but I am determined. If I intend to walk the walk and talk the talk, it starts now. Woo-hoo!!