Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Feeling the difference

I feel the changes again with my body being slowly restored to its natural form. My body is detoxing and honestly, it feels great. The healing is wonderful even though I've been running to the bathroom after every bite of food. I have been eating mainly raw smoothies in the morning and a sunflower/almond pâté at lunch and a juice or water with lemon in the evening.

It's quite a challenge raising a toddler and a newborn while maintaining a decent household. I find I'm making two kinds of food: raw for myself and cooked vegan for the rest of the family. One thing that is wonderful is that I have the support of my sweetheart. He started out as a hardcore carnivore but I guess I influenced him with my juices and smoothies. He supports a vegetarian diet but not ready to take the plunge into raw. It's nice now to see the fridge completely filled with vegetables and fruits.

I started yoga again but couldn't complete all the poses as I still have soreness in the muscle and pelvic bone area. When I twist, the pain is there. In time this will pass. Tomorrow, I'm going to include running again, but I will be taking it verrrry slow.

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