Monday, March 31, 2008

Mango Pie

Yesterday evening I had so much fun with my friends and family. Hubs made a Spanish paella that looked fantastic. The guests devoured it. I enjoyed my salad of cucumbers and cabbage. I wasn't that hunger in the evening. I tend to graze during the day. Naturally my guests were wondering why I wasn't eating the paella and I explained about my diet. They were curious and understanding. The wife commented that one would certainly lose a lot of weight. I've dealt with a variety of attitudes about the raw food diet. Theirs was great even though I could tell they weren't interested (at least for now) to live on a raw food diet.

Dessert was a smash! They loved my mango pie and I did too. Hubs went crazy over it. So much so that I thought we were going to have baby #3. It was fantastic and so Über easy to make. I used ataulfo mangoes which are my favourite. These type of mangoes create a more richer and naturally sweeter filling.

Tonight, I will meet with a professional track & field coach about jumpstarting my training. This should help with my pelvic recovery. I am really excited about it and hope that he isn't too expensive. I really need to balance my budget and work within my means if I ever hope to accomplish my financial and personal goals.

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