Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye Bye 2008

I can't believe I didn't even write one post in December. Well, it's been pretty hectic month. So much has been going on. The good news is that I've finally finished writing my Masters research paper and now it is in the hands of my professor to enjoy or destroy.  It took me four years to complete it. So exhausted. There has been some drama in my life and I'm not inviting drama this year. 

I had a great vegan/raw vegan Christmas. There was too much food. I'm working on my New Year's Goals. I don't want to say resolutions because resolutions are made to be broken. 
I'm getting a secondhand apartment-sized piano for my home and I'm sooo excited about it. It has been so long since I've played. I need to play. It's like breathing for me. 

New Year's will be quiet, just movies. I'm hoping that I'll be awake by midnight.