Saturday, March 29, 2008


Yesterday, I made my husband's favourite Indian dish: okra with tomatoes, onions in a non-dairy sauce served with chappatis. For the first time I was quite tempted to eat the okra. I will try to make the same version raw. Onions are pretty strong raw so I'm looking for a marinade that won't change the overall taste of the recipe and keep the flavour of the onions mild.

My hubs made a strawberry batido (Cuban milkshake) and so I made my own with mangoes, strawberries and some parsley. I thought mine was fantastic! I wouldn't say it was a green smoothie but the hint of parsley made it taste nice. Lately I've been obsessed with mangoes. I need to make sure I balance it out with enough greens.

Tomorrow, I'm having company over to see my newborn. My husband wants to do the cooking for the guests. Even though he is a vegetarian (with the occasional desire to eat some fish), he hasn't embraced raw veganism. He does support me though and that's very important to me.
I'll make sure I have a salad so that I may enjoy it and I'll be making a raw dessert...something with mangoes. Mmm... I'll post the pics tomorrow.

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