Friday, March 28, 2008

Returned to Running

Last night I decided to return to running. It's been a long time and I miss it so. I figured that I could take it slow. I wouldn't say that the pelvic injury is 100% healed rather 85%. I still feel some soreness at times. I pulled out all my running gear. Santiago and Ernesto were fed and rested, hanging out with papa.

Well as soon as a I stepped on the concrete and began to run, I felt pain. WoW! I'm not ready to run yet. It felt as if something was pressing down on my pelvic bone everytime I took a step. It was a premature move. I ended up walking instead. I realized while walking that I still walk like a penguin a bit. Until my gait is back to normal and balanced, I can't be running.

Nonetheless, I am very pleased with the progress. Seven weeks ago I couldn't even move my legs and get out of bed. Now I'm quite mobile.

I celebrated my accomplishments with a tasty raw concoction of mango, strawberries, an orange and dates all blended. It was delicious.

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