Thursday, March 27, 2008

Having fun with raw foods

I had participated in a Frederic Patenaude contest a year or so ago. The contest was to create a visually enticing raw dish. I came in second place. I don't remember what the prize was because I don't think I claimed it or received it. Hahaha.

Button mushroom body, cranberry eyes, grape nose and cucumber legs

Green grapes, canteloupe body, red grape eyes, strawberry body

Daikon car, cucumber wheels, cranberry hubcabs, not sure what the head is but the hat is a button mushroom

A lady
Daikon head, cranberry eyes, cucumber mouth, orange torso, dragon fruit skirt

Today was a great day. My eldest son who is 3 years old behaved very well today. Lately he has been acting out with temper tantrums and disobedience. I know it has to do with the terrible twos (which started late for him) and having another member of the family. It's been very trying for me but I have the wonderful support of my sweetheart.

A few days ago I had made some sweet plantain chips. They were delicious and sweet. I have to watch my love of raw sweets. I'll just make these once in awhile. I have such a hectic schedule that I need to make simple quick raw foods. I do love my crackers so I make those on the weekends, enough to last a month.

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