Sunday, October 12, 2008

Running Raw

I have exactly one more week before the 5km race and today was the first day I ran my 5km outside. I was quite nervous and didn't think I could do it. I've been so used to the gym/treadmil that it almost because a hinderance when I started to run outside. I need to run at least 2-3 more times outside before the race. It has made a great difference and I love the feel of the wind and my foot hitting the ground. It truly is a different kind of energy. 

There were moments I wanted to give up but people waiting at bus stops encouraged me. I heard a few whistles and sweet catcalls like "Bless, Empress" (Cuz of my dreadlocks, other rastas think I am a rasta *smile*). 

When I finally reached home, I was so elated and collapsed on a rock. It was such a beautiful and wonderful feeling to have completed my run. What a natural high!!

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