Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rough Week

Woo! It has been a rough week. My little Tiago was sick with Gastroenteritis. He was coming out at both ends. We went to two different hospitals and a walk-in clinic. The cure was time and giving him fluids such as Pedialyte, which is Gatorade for babies. Deep down I didn't want to give it to him but I didn't have time to find natural alternatives that his stomach could handle. I did ask around but I decided in the end to stick with the pedialyte. Tiago managed not to vomit the stuff. My poor pumpkin lost some weight and was so weak. I'm glad he is now back to his old self and hungrier than ever.

To top off my week, Ernesto decided to plug the toilet and we've been without a functioning toilet for almost 5 days! Ugh. There is a quote that made me laugh when I read it the first time and now it rings so true. "The difference between 1st world nations and 3rd world nations is plumbing." I can't believe how expensive plumbers can be! I got quoted from $60/hr with a $50 transporte fee to $275. Ridiculous. I found reasonable plumber (we'll see when he gets to my house) who also has a side business in the juicing industry. Hahaha, how weird is that? This is his website and real passion, Mangosteen fruit. The company is called Xango. If the plumber fixes my toilet quickly, I may buy one bottle.

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