Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clif Bars

I was shopping with my children for their basic needs and I saw a sale on a dozen Clif bars for $9.99. All of a sudden I began to pick up two boxes. I was justifying that I need the bars for my upcoming 1/2 marathon race yet I knew I should not be purchasing those bars. In the past I would love Clif bars, especially the carrot cake, chocolate chip and the peanut butter crunch. The chocolate chip and the peanut butter crunch was there. Oooh, what temptation. I put two cases in my cart and was roaming around while my children were chatting. I began to talk to myself to get to the root of why I had to buy those bars but really didn't want to. Finally, I convinced myself that as a raw vegan, I need to make my own bars. They'll taste better and be better for me. Then I thought to myself (because I need to really budget my money) that I would be better off spending $20 on good raw vegan/natural health propaganda and then this chemical crap. BINGO!! My head snapped back to normal and I left the boxes at the register.

Raw Vegan= 1
Cooked = 0

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Debra said...

Good for you!!! When you come up with a good recipe please post it!