Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Why I Chose a Raw Food Diet

All my life I've been trying to find a healthy diet that works for me. I've struggled with my weight and it frustrated me. My relationship with food was complicated. I developed terrible eating habits. I was addicted to certain foods such as refined sugar, and coffee. I became an emotional eater and that led to eating disorders and problems with my weight. It wasn’t until a few years ago, when I went to Victoria and Igor Boutenko’s raw food workshop, I had learned about raw foods. I went to the workshop with an empty stomach but in the back of my mind I thought about the slice of pizza I’d be eating afterwards. I didn’t think raw food could be satisfying. I was in for a wonderful awakening. The food was terrific and the dessert was amazing! My body felt light yet satisfied. I didn’t have that heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I realized that this was the direction I needed to take.

Since having a predominantly raw food diet (the odd time I eat is raw :P), my energy has increased, my skin looks great and my eating habits have become more balanced. I still have my ups and downs (especially during my pregnancy) but this is a road I intend to stay on and there’s no turning back.

I'll be documenting my raw journey and I'm hoping to be as honest and open about it. It may not be for everybody but somebody may gain some insight on it.

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