Thursday, November 17, 2005

Winter's Coming

I normally don't do well on a 100% raw diet in the winter. I feel my body needs some warmth. My goal is to maintain a 75% raw diet during the winter months. I will keep eating my greens and making my raw crackers and biscuits. The cooked food part of my diet will consist of vegan soups. I should be fine with that.

Christmas is coming and I dread eating with the family because no one is raw or vegetarian. I'll have to prepare a dish so that I don't feel left out or tempted. Caribbean food still smells good. There is this Jamaican Christmas drink I love called sorrel. It is made from the sorrel plant. The plant is boiled in water and pieces of ginger until there is a deep red colour. While it's hot, you add sugar and sometimes pineapple juice and mint leaves. I'm trying to find a raw version of sorrel. Instead of the sorrel leaves I may use fresh cranberries. Hmm...we'll see.

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vane_yamileth said...

This raw diet sounds interesting. is it expensive to keep up? where do u do ur shopping?