Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Raw Lunch for my Percussion teacher

Next Tuesday will be my last lesson with my percussion teacher until February. After the exam that day, we will be hanging out and talking about Afro-peruvian music, culture and his upcoming trip to Peru. I offered to make something to eat. I told him that since I'm veg, there will be no meat. At first I was thinking about making a vegetarian version of a Jamaican dish called "Stew Peas and Rice". But I don't want to eat anything cooked that day. I only do that once a week and that's not the day I want to do that. So I've decided to make him a 100% raw meal. It'll be new to him. I'm not necessarily trying to convert him but I know he has no idea what it entails. The menu will be:

Pasta w/ Marinara sauce (the pasta is made of zucchini)
Raw choconut pie

He's going to love it!


vane_yamileth said...

me wants a raw meal too! :D

i might have to convince danny to go for it, but i'd really like to try!

RawCaribeña said...

Hey Van,

Been thinking about having a Raw Party at my place. Probably in January. Let me know your availability (as well as Dan). Most likely it'll be a Friday or Saturday thing.