Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I cleaned my colon!

Well I went to Richmond Hill Natural Therapies and it was quite an experience. The place is located in a house. It had a relaxing and comforting feel, and they were very eco-friendly. My colon hydrotherapist, Nnandee was wonderful and it turned out that she is RAW VEGAN!! Yeah!! I can't say that I loved getting my butt cleaned out. It was uncomfortable at times but Nnandee was reassuring and gentle. She massaged my stomach with some essential oils during the process, which helped me relax. However, at one point I jumped off the bed and ran to the washroom with the sheet wrapped around my waist. It was a close call in terms of getting on the toilet in time because my body wanted to expel the matter quickly.
Since Nnandee is raw vegan (since 1994), she was able to give me great advice about my diet, about post-pregnancy raw vegan health and even juice feasting. She said I could do a modified juice feast that will not risk the health of my baby. I must not take the clay nor other cleansing products that are part of the juice feast. Basically she said I can drink juice but I need to continue to include raw flax seed oil and psyllium husk in my diet. I'm glad about that. She also said that she could tell by my fecal matter that I have been eating a lot of sugar (fruits, dates etc...). I need to incorporate more bitter greens like Dandelion. I have been easing off the dates and nuts like cashews.

The disappointing thing about my colonic is that I found it a bit too much for me near the end and I didn't complete the full 45 minutes. Not a problem, a lot already came out and I booked another appointment in 4 days.

Colonics are now a part of my life even though the discomfort seemed worse than when I gave birth to my sons. I'd rather have pain than discomfort. That being said, a colonic is not painful but just awkward feeling.

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