Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Favourite Ice Cream

I bought some frozen jackfruit because it's cheaper than Durian. One day I had such a craving for something sweet (I'm trying to avoid dried fruits) so I took a frozen banana, frozen jackfruit pieces, a mango and some strawberries and whipped up some ice cream in my Vita-Mix. Oooo-eee!! Let's just say that it has become the family's favourite ice cream.

If you don't know what a jackfruit is, I've attached the definition and some pics below. If you have the opportunity to try it, I encourage you to. It's low in fat.


The jackfruit is a huge, spined, oval fruit that is believed to have been first cultivated in Indian rainforests. It is largely grown in tropical or close to tropical climates. It still is found in many parts of India, as well as in most of Southeast Asia. In the Americas, the jackfruit is largely grown in Brazil.

In the proper climate, the jackfruit tree is impressive in size and can grow to roughly 60 feet (18.29 m) tall. The fruit itself is the largest fruit in the world. It can weigh up to 80 pounds (36.29 kg) and be up to 3 feet (.91 m) long.

The exterior of the fruit is not edible, but the flesh and seeds are commonly eaten. When the fruit has turned from green to yellow, it is ready to be picked. Jackfruit tends to be an acquired taste and frequently does not appeal to those unfamiliar with it.

When the jackfruit is opened, numerous sweet, banana-like bulbs are revealed, and most people find them quite delicious. One variety of jackfruit has a crunchy, rather than mushy texture, and is generally preferred. The seeds can be roasted and are compared to chestnuts in flavor. Cutting and preparing the jackfruit is somewhat difficult because the fruit is very sticky and can actually be used as glue. Most people oil their hands to prevent some of the stickiness from transferring to their hands, but washing up afterwards is still a chore.

Bangladesh claims the jackfruit as its national fruit.


Sam said...

where do you live that you're able to buy jackfruit!!!! I always wanted to try Jackfruit!!!!

RawCaribeña said...

Hey Sam,

I live in Toronto. There are a lot of Asian supermarkets and we have a thriving Chinatown. The fresh jackfruit is pricey and I find the quality a little sketchy. However, from time to time I'll buy frozen jackfruit pieces.

Sam said...

Oh Cool! I guess you have to sacrifice organic to have a test of Jackfruit I assume. I have that same problem to get certain fruits as well.