Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I've been fired from the kitchen

Yesterday, my husband politely fired me from the kitchen after botching one of his favourite dishes. He advised that I need not cook anymore. He wants me to focus on my raw food preparation and anything to do with raw. At first I was offended and a bit angry. I am the wife and mother here and I should prepare meals for the family. He pretty much said that "you are making food that only I and Ernesto will eat. So, let me make the food because I will be eating it and Ernesto will too."

After thinking about it, I realized that that this was a release. I have been tired of juggling both cooked and raw, and both sides have suffered. I am so relieved. This is such a wonderful, selfless act on the part of my husband. Good thing he enjoys cooking. However, I will still wash the dishes (hahaha).

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Fruit Dragon said...

Just found your blog. Will be back, but this is great about your husband. Mine is really supportive too.