Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am seeing the results of my labour. My coach has gotten me to run. I'll run for a bit and then walk, run then walk. I really enjoy these times with my trainer. It's my ME time, trying to take care of myself. My face has gotten slimmer and I think I've lost some weight. I am not weighing myself because I don't want to be depressed or disillusioned. My trainer said not to bother and just focus on how your clothes are fitting you. He also said that I can do all the crunches and running I like but if I'm not eating properly and consistently, it'll be all for nought. True true. I want to be able to show him how the raw diet along with his training has helped me. He believes the "grazing" method of eating is the best way and not to starve yourself. I just try to eat when I'm hungry. I just need to make sure I'm putting in the right food in my mouth. Like this salad of shreddred cucumbers, carrots, chopped green onion , dill and lime juice. Very refreshing and light.

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