Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kale Chips

On many raw vegan websites and blogs, I've read about the hooplah of kale chips. I decided to make them this weekend, as well as sweet potato chips, to find out if they are as good as people say. For the most part I enjoy kale in my smoothies and juices. I marinated them in Braggs, olive oil, garlic and a dash of maple syrup. Then I dehydrated them for about 10 hours. Once they were ready, I tried a couple leaves and now I understand. They were fantastic! My husband loved them too. My son...well, for now he won't eat anything that is green except for green smoothies and juices. I packed some kale chips in my husband's lunch and he added it to his veggie empanadas. Last night I made him his favourite sandwich: a vegan burger on two slices of whole grain bread, with a nut butter spread, alfalfa sprouts, sliced tomatoes and kale chips. It may sound unappetizing but it is actually very good. My hubs raved about the sandwich and said it was even better with the kale chips inside.

I'm minimizing my intake of dehydrated foods to practically once or twice a month. I want to eat more fresh foods, however the kale chips rocked. I will add it to the family menu. The sweet potato chips....not so great. I should make them thinner next time.


Fruit Dragon said...

Those sound good! If I had a dehydrator I would try such, I'm not sure I could actually stomach the marinate though(?).

I don't have access to such (all the better I guess), but I would not mind something dehydrated once a month just for fun. I have to stay away from salty stuff though, like the braggs, otherwise my salt monster awakens with a vengence (eating & craving addictive salt is such a horrible ugly experience for me!) & I've almost got her back to sleep again.

Keep Havin Fun!


badash said...

yeah i already read 80/10/10 and tried it and blacked out on several occasions. I love fruit. but i neeeded a little more fat than what he promoted. I'm still a teen.. still growing...

but i am going to try it again sometime soon to give it another go.

are you an 80/10/10 follower?

RawCaribeña said...

I totally understand fruit dragon. That's why I have to hold back on the dehydrated foods. It can be quite addictive. If I have a craving for dehydrated, I sometimes just go to a raw restaurant and be done with it.

You're right Badash. As a growing teen, you want to make sure you receive all the nutrients. Perhaps you need to increase your fats a little bit more. Do you like avocado?

RawCaribeña said...

I am starting to become an 80/10/10 follower. It is working for me but sometimes I crave for really warming foods. I need to avoid most nuts which I find are "warming" foods. I'm not a big banana fan which a lot of 80/10/10ers are.