Saturday, May 09, 2009

Running my 10km race today!!

Today is the day I run the Mississauga Marathon. I'm doing the 10km. It's my first time and I'm very excited. It's something I've been planning since last year. It's been hard training with my work schedule and children but I know I'm going to have a blast and finish anyway. I so love the running community. There is such warmth and camaraderie. There is no competition between runners; you are always competing with yourself, which I love. I constantly want to improve myself and get better, even if it is just 5 seconds better. 

The weather is horrible. It's been raining with hail! I hope it stops by tonight. I know they won't cancel unless it is really's really bad. Crossing my fingers.

At the Mississauga Marathon expo, I went crazy shopping. I bought 2 running shirts. One says "Who moved the finish line", the other says "If found on ground, please drag to the finish line". Hahaha. Hilarious. 

I signed up for a 15km run in August 2009 called A Midsummer Night's Run (a take on the Shakespeare play). I'm also going to sign up to the Toronto Waterfront Marathon and do the half marathon. 

I am obsessed with running. I love this sport and I enjoy the 'me' time quality I get from running.

Update: The race was beautiful but tough. I struggled. I blame it on the fact that I didn't train enough outside and often. I finished in 1:24. That's not good. I'll do better next time. The good thing is that I finished!

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