Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spring means Detox!

I love spring because it means that summer is coming. Winter is sometimes hard for me as a raw vegan. I tend to supplement my diet with steamed vegetables such as asparagus and other greens. Sometimes I treat myself to sauteed mushrooms. I know, I know, very baaaad. Hahaha. It's still my favourite cooked item. I'm not going to make a big deal about it. Once in a blue moon....or two. ;P

I've fallen in love with salads again. Yay! For the longest time, I was sick of eating salads because that was all I was eating. I try to stay away from the rich raw vegan dishes that are nut-heavy. The secret of loving salads again has been found in the dressings that are put on the salads. I've been experimenting and I'm on a kick with "Asian" flavours, meaning the taste of sesame and ginger. It's driving me crazy. I love it. I would like to use tahini but I find it too heavy. I'm starting use citrus and pineapple juices as a base. However, the only problem is that I get sooo hungry a couple hours later. Now that I've been preparing for the 10km race coming up May 9, I get extremely hungry. The 811 high fruit diet does satisfy the hunger. Fruit is filling and low-fat (with the exception of Durian). I can't do all fruit all of the time, I do enjoy my greens. I'll find a healthy balance.

So, I will be detoxing this spring so I can have a fantastic summer.

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